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These rules are designed to ensure a friendly and sympathetic discussion of the atmosphere, to prevent deviation from the forums, incorrect or non-constructive debate. Every member is obliged to fully and unconditionally accept the rules written below.
Forum Rules
1. Rights Forum visitors
1.1 Our customer can be anyone, regardless of residence, nationality and age, who agreed to be bound by these rules. To do this, you need to go through a small set of registration procedures.

1.2 Each participant in the dialogue forum has the right to confidentiality of information about themselves (ie it can be anonymous). Therefore, we have not made the dissemination of information about the private life of the participants in the discussion forum, the constituent personal or family secret without his consent. Try to address to the forum participants only by nick person. Do not use real names (even if you know it).

1.3 Registration is integral presence in the forum. Passage of registration automatically indicates your acceptance of these Terms. If you do not agree to these Terms, then please write about this board administrator - it deactivates (remove) your account.

When selecting Account name (nickname), note that if the nickname you have chosen to participate in the forum:

- Repeats existing or violates the norms of decency and morality (for example, such a nickname as Hitler, Alah Akbar, Schoch, groin, etc.);
- Carries advertising sites;
- It consists of at least two letters:
- It consists of a set of repetitive characters (letters or digits);
- Must be different from the e-mail address (example: nick - sasha22, e-mail - sasha22@mail.ru);
- In the form of e-mail addresses;
- Contains profanity;
- Insult other participants of the forum;
- Carries political orientation;
- It does not carry the sense voltage. qwerty, qwertyuiop, etc .;
- Confusingly similar to a moderator or administrator,

then your account will be deleted without warning.

2. Duties of the visitors to the forum
2.1 Official Language Forum 'Russian'. Allowed to publish quotes in Ukrainian, English and other foreign languages, as appropriate in the circumstances, it is desirable to use transliteration. Any gross violations relating to infringement of the rights and dignity of the forum participant on a national basis - will be severely punished.
The forum is not the place to express their political opinions and preferences.
Any politicized manifestations in the form of avatars, signatures, and so on. N. Will be deleted, the account in the event of a repeat offense will be locked or deleted.

2.2 Respectful of the views of opponents, remember that everyone is entitled to their own point of view. Do not be overly irritable - if some incorrect message appeared to you in relation to you or your beliefs, do not get annoyed and respond in the same spirit. In extreme cases, please refer to the moderator responsible for this section..

3. Guidelines for creating messages.
3.1 Before you create a new message, check, can be such a topic has already been created in the forum for this it is convenient to use the search filter that you can find in each section, simply enter only part of your request - for example, you are interested in what happened with the channel NTV, go to the topic satellite TV in the search filter recruit <NTV> (without the quotes!) choose filter <ONLY HERE> and click <Search> then get a list of all topics in which we have a part of your query. Look at the existing threads, it is possible there has been discussed about what you want to ask.

3.2 If you're new to the forum message, specify the subject of your message brief, but meaningful; - Avoid too general titles such as' Help! '' What? ',' Understood nothing ',' It's super !!! ' etc.
The message 'Thanks', and so on. N. Is equal to flood.
Also prohibited messages repetition, does not arouse the interest of the participants.

3.3 Stick to the topics of the forum, do not ask and do not discuss matters not related to the topic of the forum; For example question "What's wrong with SkyStar?" Is not intended for the "Satellite Receivers". Before opening a new topic, select the appropriate content opened teme. Private requests, no interest other users of the forum, send telegrams.

3.4 If you write in the topic dedicated to the discussion of some specific issues (and not intended for the buddy chatter, abuse, etc.), your message must be detailed and informative, that is interesting for the participants of the forum;

3.5 Creating a new message not abuse coarse expressions, do not use profanity without replacing them in part or all of the characters at the point or icons type #% *. Do not abuse the jargon - posts, stuffed with jargon, many readers may simply not understand or misunderstand.

3.6 Do not blame the grammatical errors in the letters.

3.7 Excessive quoting (oversposting). You need to quote or to publish only those parts of the original letters or articles, which are necessary for an understanding of your response or message. It is also prohibited to artificially 'maintaining' topic at the top by changing the theme.

Quote of the previous speakers is appropriate if
1.Messages to which you want to answer, not the last in the list;
2. The need to respond not to the entire message, and contained in a separate statement it (or several statements);
In this case, the quote should only leave the desired track text.V most other cases, to quote the previous message is not necessary - it's just difficult to read threads.

3.8 Edit this post.
If your last message in the thread, then do not write a new post, and use the button 'change' to a supplement and not overload the previous forum.
3.9 How to publish a large message.

The forum is a special code (key) is called "spoiler"...
He needed to hide a great message.

How does he work:
Write your message, then select the text and click on the icon and save the message.
Or you can right click on the icon, and then within the code to write a message.

That's what we've got:
Скрытый текст  :
Write your message, then select the text and click on it and save znachёk message.

The sample for the large message:

The channel 'Sport Plus' as part of the package 'NTV-PLUS EAST'
Скрытый текст  :
Dear subscribers!
We inform you that from October 1, 2009 the channel 'Sport Plus' is included in the package 'NTV-PLUS EAST'.
Major sporting events: football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, handball, gymnastics, athletics, weightlifting, and various winter sports - all this, subscribers can see the television broadcast of the new channel!
Channel 'Sport Plus' broadcasts in 24 hour mode.
The format of the TV channel 'Sport Plus' includes both live broadcasts and replays of matches, so that everyone could see their favorite sporting events.

Have a nice trip!

СStrive briefly but clearly reflect the essence of the problem in the topic title.
Threads with titles: 'Help', 'Advise', 'my device is dead', 'shows nothing', 'Save' help out ',' Thank you 'and the like, etc. are closed and subsequently removed..
Remember: the more correct you write - the faster you answer!

Topics that do not reflect the essence of the matter will be deleted without warning for the following reasons:
- They pollute the forum, making it difficult to find the right information.
- As a rule, unthought topic name implies delirium inside.
- Do not make people guess what you mean.

4. The forum is prohibited
4.1 Slander the other party of communication is online. Insulting the dignity, such as: simple and obscene language towards the other person and discussion of other users (personal and indirect insults, etc.).

4.2 Slander the other party of communication is online. Insulting the dignity, such as: simple and obscene language towards the other person and discussion of other users (personal and indirect insults, etc.).

4.3 Join multiple nick's (even with different user accounts, - e-mail, etc.).

for violation of the paragraph - ETERNAL BAN !!!!!

4.4 Advertising of goods and services (not considered as advertising the publication of user reviews about products and services), as well as third-party advertising resource - sites and forums - It is permitted only with prior consultation with the Administration Forum!!!

for violation of the paragraph - ETERNAL BAN !!!!

4.5 Cross-posting and 'chaotic' the opening!!

4.6 Publication coded channels keys in cleartext . Use spoiler to publish key

4.7  The forum is prohibited writing messages in capital letters (for those who do not understand - GREAT !!!violation points made - readers reference in 2 weeks ......

5. Moderation
5.1 Moderation (process management) Forum based on the principle 'what is not forbidden - is allowed.' The Forum is a post-moderated, ie initially all posts published 'as is', but then can be deleted / edited by the moderator / administrator for non-compliance with their rules. The main guarantor of the rights and freedoms of the participants in the dialogue forum is a leading forum.

5.2 The decision on the correctness of the forum participants and their punishment is accepted only the leading forum in accordance with the rules of the forum. Remember, ignorance of the rules of the forum or a mental disorder does not remove the responsibility from the party of communication is online.

5.3 In order to ensure a stable environment in the forum is prohibited OPEN оto discuss the validity of the administration's actions (moderators, Global moderators, super moderators and administrators).

If you do not agree with the decision of a moderator, try to solve the problem privately, or at least write to the administrator in private. Explain your point of view calmly and convincingly, and most likely, the situation will be resolved in your favor. In any case, to arrange the dispute because of the decision publicly Post - the worst option. There is not a democracy. Administrators and moderators no one chose, and to dictate terms, you can not.

Complaints about moderators administrator only accepted in a telegram or email, stating the reason and a link to the topic (if any). Violation of these rules is punishable by a warning that, if ignored, the user will be banned.

6. Rules Moderators
Moderator, in its sole discretion and without explanation of reasons - has the right to:
- Warn party's violation of the rules of use of the forum (informally, formally).
- Edit or completely delete posts that do not meet these rules, without notifying the author of Topeka (posting).
- To deny the user the right to vote.
- Pre-moderated user posts.
- Ban (temporarily or permanently) forum participant (by nick, or IP, or all of them at once).

7. Administrator Rights

- Includes all rights of moderators (no exceptions!).
- Monitoring the work of the moderators and complaints to moderators.
- Dealing with complex issues, issues beyond the control of the moderators.
- Global issues on the site and forum.

8. Resolution of conflicts
If the case is not clear whether there has been a violation of the rules, the decision is made by the administrator or moderator. If the participant does not agree with the opinion of the moderator, he can direct their protest board administrator with a personal message or an e-mail. The discussion moderator or administrator decisions in the forum is prohibited. If the answer to the moderator does not satisfied participant, the final court of appeal is the owner of the forum.

Taking into account that the Russian soul can not be without a mat, the administration allows registered users to emergency use elements of foul language, replacing some of the letters in the word on the special characters (eg: word "penis") All decisions on the possibility of censorship prerogative Post.

The administrator (ie - Administrators) reserves the right at any time and change the rules of the forum at its discretion without prior notice
These rules do not obsuzhdaemy. The proposed amendments can be sent through the administrators PM!

Publishing content online (in any form, including their transfer to another www-server) without reference to the source is prohibited !!!.
All messages posted in discussions of our forum, express the personal opinions of the authors, not moderators, the creators of the forum and organizations that support the specified server. Accordingly, only the authors are responsible for the content of their messages
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