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Название: ATTENTION!!! Important information for new participants.
Отправлено: Definder от 10.02.2016, 16:53:32
Before you register in our forum,   necessarily  read  rules of conduct for online users, moderators and admins rights, etc.  (http://openboxfan.com/index.php/topic, 1322.0.html), and especially pay attention to the  rules item 1.3   on the  'choosing account name (nickname)'  , then you will not have to wonder why you are unable to register on the forum.

  Because of constant attacks spambots Offline disabled automatic registration!! User accounts with the registration boxes on domains:

gmail.com, *
outlook.com, *
hotmail.com, *
yandex.com *

temporarily unavailable !!! To confirm registration you should send an e-mail  reg@openboxfan.com  with a request to confirm the text

'I ask you to activate your account, a nick-name-it, e-mail address so and so'